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Robo-Tails - Lucy by Dragon-FangX

Thanks a lot for doing this. I like how added the engery trail for Robo Virgo and Aries, gives the impression that their in mid summon....

Nerima Mermaid  Tank by Dragon-FangX

I like how Akane and Shampoo are fighting over Ranma-chan whose seem out of at the moment. Though Ukyo seem to be coming to make a thre...

Unboxing - Namine by Dragon-FangX

Namine came out very well as her body does look like that of a four crayons with a head on top. Her arms and legs looks that of the des...

Boxed Up - Kairi by Dragon-FangX

very nice as I really like how this turned out. The shape of Kairi as crayon box was well design and carry out as she really does look ...

Would you like only being able subscribe to games (similar to something like Netflix) instead of owning them? 

9 deviants said no
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JasonPictures Featured By Owner 5 days ago
As I said, have you finished this part in Xenogears?…

Imagine what would it be like if Nami from One Piece were to butt in to this moment.…

I also take references in One Piece episode 389 about that chapter of my crossover fanfic.
Kamon72 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I have

I thought it was pretty interesting
JasonPictures Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Try putting your review on what would it be like if Nami from One Piece would butt in to what Elly from Xenogears is doing while she's under the influence of the 'Drive'.

Anyway, I watched One Piece episode 389, and I got ideas from it like after Elly uses the 'Drive' on herself, she said 'Fei... What're you doing? You shouldn't be here!' She has no idea Nami is seeing this with her Straw Hat companions, so the latter snapped with her eyes shining like stars before running to the boss fight. Also, when Elly said about being the influence of the 'Drive', 'This is my true nature! There is no other!', Nami yells 'LIKE I CARE!' before hitting her mech with her Perfect-Clima Tact. These parts are just like when Sanji encountered Duval.

I need help. What is the meaning of Sanji's reaction when Zoro commented on his comparison to Duval is 'like two peas in a pod'?

Oh, and here's another Naruto x Xenogears battle.…
Kamon72 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
While I have played Xenogear and almost beat it.  There are many things  I do not recall from the series and with One Piece it was something I never really had that much interest in in the first place. I merely read it because I wanted to see what the big deal was and for awhile it was interesting how the interest died shortly after Ace's died. I merely read it now because I am caught up and its just something to read.

Since I do not really have  that much of an interest I do not think I could give comments on how any of them would think
(1 Reply)
JasonPictures Featured By Owner 5 days ago
My first Naruto + Xenogears battle.…
kazumitakashi Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks by kazumitakashi  
                   for the fave ! <3
JasonPictures Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014
Have you finished this level in Xenogears?…

If so, imagine what would it be like if Nami from One Piece butts in that moment.…
adi1625 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
I'm glad you liked my new manips!
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