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Robotopia p6 by Kamon72 Robotopia p6 :iconkamon72:Kamon72 3 4 InfectedScout p28 by Kamon72 InfectedScout p28 :iconkamon72:Kamon72 2 0
Akane the Half Gargoyle Pt. 01
Mrs. Tendo, the mother of Kasumi, Nabiki, and Akane Tendo. The wife of Soun Tendo who was said to have died when Akane was very young. However what if that was not the case as her death was not something that any of them talk about. They mention she was dead  but it was never revealed how she died exactly. What Akane did not know about her mother was that she was not human. In fact her mother was not either dead. Her father and older sisters only think of her as dead because what happened to her. In the basement that she was not informed existed was where her mother was kept.
When she naturally a gargoyle and when she was younger Mrs. Tendo had made a deal to become human and it worked. She was living the life she always wanted under the sun. Not have to worry about turning to stone as sun rose and then be fearful she would awaken at night. She was able to mingle with other humans rather then hide from them. She never knew her parents having grown up being raised not by them or ot
:iconkamon72:Kamon72 3 0
Infected Scout p27 by Kamon72 Infected Scout p27 :iconkamon72:Kamon72 2 2 Robodystopia p5 by Kamon72
Mature content
Robodystopia p5 :iconkamon72:Kamon72 3 2
Robotopia pg05 by Kamon72 Robotopia pg05 :iconkamon72:Kamon72 5 4 Kari  Maru pg04 by Kamon72
Mature content
Kari Maru pg04 :iconkamon72:Kamon72 5 0
Tales of a Robotic Ninja Girl Pt. 13
Kurama was now a very advanced A.I that  could use its host to manifest in the world through a number of methods. There is no record of when they came into being to the robots of this world there were always nine very advanced A.I  that were still called the tailed beast. That would be because when they manifest themselves in world they have form of nine beast. For the longest time they were running wild and unchecked and that was until a method of containing them was created. In this reality each of the villages had specific robot lines build for this purpose alone. The Uzumaki line was merely the one used for containing Kurama.
Though was change in this reality and the one that Sakura was originally form. That would be that those that housed the tailed beast were not feared and hated. Everyone was aware that they were merely the vessel for holding them in check and not the tailed beast themselves. When  thing happened like a tailed beast taking them over or something l
:iconkamon72:Kamon72 3 0
Kari and Maru Pg3 by Kamon72 Kari and Maru Pg3 :iconkamon72:Kamon72 2 2 Robodystopia p4 by Kamon72
Mature content
Robodystopia p4 :iconkamon72:Kamon72 5 15
Tales of Yuzuriha Pt. 15
Yuzurhia continued to hold her hand to her face as she cried over Senku, with Taiju yelling for him to come back. The two were not that worried about be discovered as it was still raining thus that was basically giving them the cover they needed to be as loud as they wanted. After all Tsukasa might be the strongest and second smartest person around at least to their knowledge at the moment.That did not mean that he could hear them over all this rain that was pouring down.
Though that did not last much longer as the rain and thunder started to let up almost as quickly as it started coming down. Also as if it was just quick thunderstorm downpour that were fast starting but equal as fast ended too.
Of course both Taiju and herself realized that without the thunderstorm for cover they could not be yelling or shout anymore as that would tip Tsukasa to their location if he was indeed close to them. It would be foolish not to at least be aware of that being the chance after all that would rui
:iconkamon72:Kamon72 2 0
Kari and Maru Pg2 by Kamon72 Kari and Maru Pg2 :iconkamon72:Kamon72 3 0 Robostopia p4 by Kamon72 Robostopia p4 :iconkamon72:Kamon72 4 0 Condescending Goku 04 by Kamon72 Condescending Goku 04 :iconkamon72:Kamon72 1 4
Mature content
Tales of Yuzuriha Vol. 01 :iconkamon72:Kamon72 1 0
Lynn Rena: Life and Times of a Failed Heroine
Lynn Rena was summoned into what she at first thought was a popular game. That what she thought at least at first. However that was something she quickly learned was not the case as although this place make have the things that make it feel like a game but it was anything but that. There was were others that had been summoned here together with her.
They thought this place was nothing but a game and treated it like those from various stories would. It was mistake that Lynn managed to learn from before it was too late for her at least. She  shared their view but not to the same degree though. That probably want managed to save her life in the end.
If this world they was summoned too was a game then it was one where it would be considered dark and they were not in the end the main characters of this story. If anything they were no one special at all as they might have gained powers coming to this world but they needed to lvl up to actually become truly powerful.
Lynn got lucky as th
:iconkamon72:Kamon72 0 41


Sasuke Genderbend by CourtneyLuv7 Sasuke Genderbend :iconcourtneyluv7:CourtneyLuv7 232 16 Naruto Genderbend by CourtneyLuv7 Naruto Genderbend :iconcourtneyluv7:CourtneyLuv7 193 6 When credit is due by Kevin-Glint When credit is due :iconkevin-glint:Kevin-Glint 617 19 Metal Amy sketches by SMSSkullLeader Metal Amy sketches :iconsmsskullleader:SMSSkullLeader 213 12 Lucina commission by cutesexyrobutts Lucina commission :iconcutesexyrobutts:cutesexyrobutts 124 4 Jenny color by Anonymous--Friend Jenny color :iconanonymous--friend:Anonymous--Friend 32 7 [+Video] Fanart - Moeteora by Hyanna-Natsu [+Video] Fanart - Moeteora :iconhyanna-natsu:Hyanna-Natsu 4,354 198 Commission - Sena New Clothes by Hyanna-Natsu Commission - Sena New Clothes :iconhyanna-natsu:Hyanna-Natsu 2,826 80 crunchyroll-hime by akairiot crunchyroll-hime :iconakairiot:akairiot 376 0 Flamey Girl by Pedrovin Flamey Girl :iconpedrovin:Pedrovin 100 4 Queen Zenya by Pedrovin Queen Zenya :iconpedrovin:Pedrovin 85 7 Cleobot by Pedrovin Cleobot :iconpedrovin:Pedrovin 70 7 Ash Crimson by Pedrovin Ash Crimson :iconpedrovin:Pedrovin 115 8 Dark Doll II by Pedrovin Dark Doll II :iconpedrovin:Pedrovin 145 4


Thanks a lot for doing this. I like how added the engery trail for Robo Virgo and Aries, gives the impression that their in mid summon....

I like how Akane and Shampoo are fighting over Ranma-chan whose seem out of at the moment. Though Ukyo seem to be coming to make a thre...

Namine came out very well as her body does look like that of a four crayons with a head on top. Her arms and legs looks that of the des...

very nice as I really like how this turned out. The shape of Kairi as crayon box was well design and carry out as she really does look ...

Favorite Jojo from Jojo Bizarre Adventure 

4 deviants said Joseph Joestar
4 deviants said Jotaro Kujo
3 deviants said Jolyne Cujoh (daughter of Jotaro Kujo)
1 deviant said Josuke Higashikata (Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable)
No deviants said Johnny Joestar

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I've enjoyed your Fate mannequin/statue discussions with adi1625 and I wonder, do you ever think Shirou might sometimes sexually rub up against Rin, Sakura, or Luvia mannequins/statues in some of the cases after rescuing their forms?

Do you also think said statues might send Shirou sexual dreams as means to show their appreciation that he would be their new owner (since often they're hypnotized into thinking Shirou is their owner and all?)
Kamon72 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Its possible that he could as one idea would be this keep their minds activate and aware rather then just  standing there left to their own thoughts

It is possible as they are pretty powerful mages and do a lot times have a connection to Shirou that could be used to transmit them
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Hmm you also had ideas where they might be able to move around as statues or mannequins right? Because that makes me imagine Rin & Luvia slipping into his bed as statues or something.

Could be a fun way for Shirou to wake up between such lovely sculptures or mannequins.~
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It could be very possible something like that happens
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